Coupon or not to Coupon

Interesting article  We get a tonne of calls on weather to use coupons.  Great numbers in the article to support both sides of the arguement.

We always ask our clients that inquire about the type of  strategy.  Well it depends on what your objective is, and does your ‘core’ customer use coupons?

Good Karma Does Work

You know when it seems that everything is just not going your way.  That is the nice way to say it.  The even better way to say it would be…you know when it seems that EVERYONE seems to be screwing you.  Well Karma does work, and it worked out for not only a great business professional of ours, but also a friend.

Congrats from Oncor Doug!

Line up?

We are at the 2011 PGA Golf Show waiting in line, and this line is the longest line we and everyone has ever been in. Everyone has an electronic ticket they printed in this line. Really, you can’t come up with a better solution than lining up to get your badge, even though we have ALL pre-registered! It’s 2011, just hand out a plastic holder at the enterance to everyone who pre-registered and printed it off. Sent from my BlackBerry device on the Rogers Wireless Network

Social Media in Golf

Now we have been saying this for a looooooooooooong time now.  So instead of hitting our heads against the wall, we have found someone to say it for us.  Excellent blog post about golf and social media (and its not us saying it!!)

Now that is Ad copy

I think I am like most people.  I get bombared each and every day with TV ads, direct mail pieces in the mail…etc. etc.  You all understand where I am coming from.  The think I hate most about these advertisements is that it is very rare to find one that engages me.  I am looking at it, I am reading them before they go into the trash.  Bloody Hell…someone get me excited about their product or service!  Enough already with the fancy pictures and the features and benefits.  Blah Blah Blah.  Where is the story?  Where is the excitement?  Where is the freaking call to action?

Enough ranting by me.  It is becoming a lost art.  Well someone sent me a couple of examples of advertisement copy and I just thought it was great.  So here you go.  I hope you steal some of the nuggets these ads have in them.

Good Ad – Oprea

Good Ad – Offer

What will it cost you not to be ranked?

Not having your golf course’s website show up on the first or second pages of the search engines when potential customers are searching for you is costly.  We don’t mean when they type your exact name.  We mean when they type in…hmmm let’s say GOLF COURSES ONTARIO (12,100 people a month do this) or GOLF NAPLES (27,100 per month).  That is a bunch of TRAFFIC that you are missing on.

So what does it cost you not to show up there.  Here is some examples.

The average #11 ranking site in Google will get a relative 0.66% click through ratio (CTR), yet the average #10 ranking will get a 2.97% CTR.

Put simply, this means a 450% increase in traffic simply by moving from position #11 to #10. The same applies for lower positions such as #20 (a 0.30% CTR), a 990% increase by moving to position #10.


You better learn how to get to the top of those pages!  We don’t mean buying ads to get there either.  Because only 1% – 5% of the people that come to that page even click on it.

We can show you how!  That is us bragging!